As a homeowner or property manager have you ever wondered or asked..
  • Why did that tree die?
  • Why is the turf brown?
  • What are those creepy things?  Are they dangerous?  They could be!
  • Why are there weeds in the turf?
  • Why is the turf dead?
  • Are there poisonous plants?
  • Why does the irrigation not work properly and is this costing me money?  It could be wasting a lot of money and water!
  • Is my property being maintained properly?
  • Why do I get stressed out from lack of knowledge about the landscaping or irrigation?
  • Am I getting the most for my money?

Landscaping in Florida is uniquely different from other parts of the country.  We can have a tropical landscape, sub-tropical landscape or a combination of the two, and also a more moderate climate further north in the state.  Our weather can be very humid, rainy, windy, sea fog, salt environment, so there is a lot to consider when planning or discussing the Florida Landscape.  All these factors contribute to the health or decline in the landscape.

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